Relational Well-being at Work Index

The purpose of this questionnaire is to allow you to draw a picture of the situation prevailing at your workplace. It will help you assess the strengths and the weaknesses that respondents observed about your work atmosphere.

It can be used in two contexts:

1) Improvement of your work atmosphere
- You answer according to what you observe in your workplace about your own behaviors and those of your colleagues and bosses. Based on your answers and those of your colleagues, it will be possible to identify the strengths you have and the shortcomings that can hinder the maintenance of a healthy work environment. In this way, you will be able to target together the best ways in order to improve your work atmosphere.

2) Risk assessment of psychological harassment
- You respond in relation to others, describing your perceptions and impressions about what you live in your workplace with certain persons. It will help you to make it easier for a third party to understand the situation you want to denounce.

If you have received a code to answer the questionnaire, you can enter it on the next page. Your results will then be forwarded to the person who gave you this code. The latter will then be able to interpret your answers and draw a portrait of the situation.

Be assured that your name will not be communicated to anyone without your consent.
We use only pseudonyms in the reports we produce.

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