The Relational Well-Being at Work Index

A test that helps you get around the issue to better understand what's going on

The purpose of this tool is to provide you with an image of the situation in your workplace. This will help you to assess whether the relationships among staff are healthy. Depending on your needs, the relational well-being strengths and gaps can be spotted from the perspective of an individual or a team. Results are displayed on different graphics to help you figure out the situation.

It can be used in three contexts :

Improving climate in the working environment

You answer based on what you observe in your workplace, including yourself in the portrait. Depending on your answers and the answers of your colleagues who will do the same, it will be possible to identify your strengths and gaps that may affect the keeping of a healthy work environment.

This way, you will be able to jointly target areas of intervention to improve your working environment.

Level 1 and 2

Process of personal development

You answer to describe your behaviors, in order to make certain observations with respect to your good or bad conducts in the work place. You can then think about it or share these findings with a caregiver or someone you trust for advice.

The idea is to portray the strengths and weaknesses you think you have in your relationships with others.

Level 3

Assessment of harassment risk at work

You answer in relation to what you experience, putting words on your impressions concerning what you live in your workplace. It will help you to make people understand what happens.

To ensure that you cover all aspects of the situation you want to make clear.

Level 4

The goal is to draw a portrait of the behaviors that are present in your work place and to better appreciate the situation. This tool was developed in order to target where are the assets and limitations in order to better address them.

 If you find that there is more civility than harmful conducts in your workplace, you can congratulate yourself. If not, you will have leads to make sure to correct what's wrong.

 You will receive your answers free of charge by email.

If you enter a pass code, a summary table of your answers will be sent to the person associated with this code (eg. consultant, caregiver).

You will be able to order your summary table after answering the survey.

To answer, click on one of the buttons above according to your need

If you are a manager or a consultant

Procurement codes are available for purchase if you want to receive a summary table or graphs illustrating the perception of each respondent, diade or team.  >>>

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